Famaliving sofa seating collection

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Infinitely customizable, Famaliving‘s modular furniture offers comfort with creativity. Configure any composition of seating for your space—equally at home in an attic, a loft or a living room. Famaliving’s sectional sofa systems present myriad looks to suit your style.

Famaliving sofa seating collection

Based in California, New York and New Jersey, USA, Famaliving has got lounging around down to a fine art. If a 60’s revival is your thing, then the company’s sectional seating model ‘Arianne Love’ will surely give you enough of that relaxed, far-out and groovy feeling to keep you going through the modular system’s 10-year guarantee. It’s also the most popular choice in San Diego, California—home of the laid back and positively coolest cats among us.

Arianne Love Farmaliving sofa seating collection

Famaliving is particularly proud of the comfortable aspects of its furniture, stating on the website:

“Comfort is the main thing: Piece of art, or comfort and design? If you buy a sofa only for the look of it and it is uncomfortable, you will soon regret it. Our sofas are not only designed to decorate your space, but also to enjoy at home.”

Famaliving sofa seating collection

Go as massive or as modest as you like. ‘Arianne Love is only as big as your imagination, your wallet and your space—or equally as small as its smallest component part. From a complex configuration of corner and straight modular units, armchairs and footstools to just a stool, all are up for grabs (for a price). Obviously, the more you buy, the costlier it gets, but at least you can add to the collection as the size of your space and budget increase.

The sofa frames are guaranteed to last a lifetime; the units include interior storage; and there are 600 fabric designs to choose from, including Italian leather.

Farmaliving sofa seating collection‘MyLoft’ is for the less flamboyant, and maybe the more financially challenged among us. Plain, compact and functional, it fits in anywhere and won’t cost a fortune:

“With model ‘MyLoft,’ Famaliving breaks the key principle ‘budget sofa = gaudy and uncomfortable sofa.’ With ‘MyLoft,’ we prove that the best comfort and the best design are not incompatible with the best price. It is a great sofa for young people that just became independent or for all those with a young spirit.”

Famaliving sofa seating collection

‘MyCube’ is designed for “the lovers of straight designs,”and clearly, for lovers. A little bit sophisticated and a little bit cute, it’s tailor-made for you both to cozy up to one another and enjoy a movie night with popcorn or a cup o’ java on a lazy morning.

Famaliving sofa seating collection

And speaking of lovers—a hybrid sofa, armchair or chaise lounge, ‘MyApple’ is based on the design of love seats from the 19th century. It’s peachy sweet (OK it’s also named after a fruit, but “appley sweet” just doesn’t work!) and perfect for the loved-up, modern couple.

Famaliving sofa seating collection

To round off the intimate sofas-for-two section, here’s ‘MySoul’—a chaise lounge for the modern man (and woman). Billed as:

“A special model for special people. The units can be single with footstools, double, and also an amazing double chaise longue to enjoy on your own, or with whoever you want. Its rocking action provides incomparable comfort.”

So, if it’s rocking action you’re after, then Famaliving has it covered. Clearly, the company offers lots of style choices for lots and lots of seating—and more horizontal—possibilities.