Yes, some of us drink milk straight from the carton. Be it a bad bachelor habit or a single-instance fluke, at one time or another, most people have probably done the same – and if you do live alone, why not?

Minna has tackled this cultural taboo head-on – perhaps easier for a non-US designer to do – by crafting specialized wooden handles that slot neatly into the folded top of milk cartons.

Since these homogenized vessels have a fairly universal shape (at least in the States), it is easy to see how quickly this could fly off the supermarket shelves around the country – assuming people are not too embarrassed to buy them.

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Dairy packaging has evolved over time, from the now-antique bottles-and-caps that came right to your door to the plastic jugs and square cartons we use today. Still, few have been so bold as to openly attach something to this long-standing design type that would allow for easier drinking straight from the container.