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When you’re bored indoors, at home or at work, it may be tempting to switch off and to mentally drift to a tropical island or a Utopian idyll. How much better though would it be to just gaze at your wall and to feel you are at – or even to actually see yourself in – fabulous climes? With Eazywallz wall art you can source from a comprehensive catalog of stock images, or just provide your own. Freeze frame your last trek to Nepal or picture last year’s palm-fringed beach holiday, courtesy of Eazywallz; from floor to ceiling, multicolored and actually stuck to the wall.

forest easywallz living room

Wake up your walls. An imposing pine forest or a view of the Acropolis may just give you the lift you need when you’re feeling flat.

Once upon a time a holiday snap, courtesy of Kodak, would remind you of a great trip away. Then came the internet – now you can upload your travel pics and publish them online. But maybe you fancy a more permanent, in-your-face reminder of the time of your life? Along comes Eazywallz, to enable you to plaster (or more accurately, stick) larger than life size images to walls, doors, windows, ceilings, furniture – any surface that is clean, flat, non-porous and dry.

travel slide easy wallz

Just peel, place and stick.

Made of a self adhesive, fine canvas fabric, Eazywallz wall murals come ready to hang. No extra paste or tools required – though an extra pair of hands is advisable. They don’t wrinkle, rip or tear. Take them off to re-hang or to reuse: Unlike wallpaper, there’s no mess or mixing required, the adhesive is low tack, you just peel the backing off and stick up the artwork. As often as you like, in fact.

pets slide easywallz

W. C. Fields famously said, “Never work with children or animals.” We’re not all miserable curmudgeons however, and some of us may even want to present our precious children and pets writ large upon the wall for all to see, for as long as we like. Has your dog died? Not if he’s on the wall. Is your child now a moody teenager? Well yes, but once he was a cute little toddler – look he’s on the wall!

city scene easy wallz

personal_artworks easywallz

From generic cityscapes in edgy urban lofts, to a massive reproduction of your very own work of modern art, Eazywallz artworks come measured up and ready made. With a matte finish due to their fine canvas material, they have a polished appearance and they’re made to last. They can be customized with your own phrases or logos by an in-house team of graphic designers for no extra cost and they’re shipped free in the US and Canada.

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If one image (however huge) is simply not enough – then why not cobble together as many as you like? From three to three hundred, provide the pictures and Eazywallz can create the grid to enable a floor to ceiling collage of all your chosen images.

white brick mural easywallz

From the exotic to the prosaic – if sea-lapped beaches just don’t do it for you and a white brick wall is more your thing (and your actual wall is just dull old plaster) then you can stick up a canvas Eazywallz image, and your room becomes instantly cool and on trend!

Where overlarge wall art is concerned, Eazywallz have got it covered. Just choose your image, order your artwork, then stick it on the wall. Or wherever else you feel you can best convey your required in-house ‘wow’ factor, in personal works of art.