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EZ Duffle - Storage Modes

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Equipped with pockets that can be easily removed or reconfigured, the EZ Duffle is the ideal alternative to sports bags and suitcases. Plus, the duffle boasts a series of straps that allow you to carry it in three different ways. No matter your preferred style of luggage, this bag can adapt to meet your standards in almost no time at all.

Each of the EZ Duffle’s 22 compartments serves a unique purpose. For instance, the bag’s “Electronics” module gives the user enough space to store a phone, iPod, wallet, portable charger, and headphones. The duffle also features a flexible “Divider” module to store important documents in, a general storage sleeve, padded shoulder and chest straps, a pouch for toiletries, and a universally compatible battery pack. EZ Duffle’s designers even thought to include a built-in charging station so people can power up their electronics while on the move. This bag has so many innovative qualities you may ask yourself, “can it fly too?” Unfortunately, the company hasn’t installed wings in the EZ Duffle quite yet, though they seemed to have jammed about every other amenity into it.


EZ Duffle - Features List

In total, an EZ Duffle measures 20 x 9 x 11.5 inches and comes with 30 distinct features designed to make travel as simple as possible. The bag weighs just 1.8 kg and is capable of holding 34 L of weight (or roughly 75 pounds!). Some of the duffle’s most useful features are its vented laundry pocket—which not only keeps your dirty clothes separate from the rest of your luggage but also gives it some much-needed exposure to fresh air—and its sturdy, water-resistant exterior. Some of EZ Duffle’s pockets can even resist liquids from the inside, like its one of a kind spill-proof toiletry pouch. Every EZ Duffle also includes a set of built-in LED lights, which make locating items inside the bag a total breeze. A removable QC 3.0 battery powers these LEDs along with the bag’s charging station.

EZ Duffle -TSA Approved

The company’s designers have also taken the time to perfect some of the features you’d expect to find on most duffle bags. EZ Duffle incorporates a slew of accessory pockets, mesh modules, and multipurpose straps and can be collapsed with just a single twist and fold. The best part about this bag, however, is the fact that it’s carry-on compliant. This means you’ll be to take the EZ Duffle anywhere in the world without having to check it at the airport!

Why to Buy

EZ Duffle - Central Storage

The EZ Duffle is an extremely easy-to-use product that provides some great organizational options for work, leisure, and long distance travel. It can make an excellent gym or sports bag and will allow you to carry your athletic gear in a single duffle rather than in four different-sized ones. EZ Duffle’s smart storage solutions can keep button-up shirts looking pristine, slacks looking pressed, and cables and papers neat and in order! Imagine how much stress you’ll avoid at airport security when the time comes to take out your ointments and devices. While everyone else is scrambling for their things, you’ll have pulled yours out of your bag’s easy-access compartments in a matter of seconds.

Where to Buy

Torba Inc. has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their promising product. The duffles are currently available in black and priced at $150 USD: a pretty reasonable deal considering the bag’s large storage capacity and revolutionary design components.

The EZ Duffle is slick, stylish, practical, and comfortable. You can’t really argue with a quality product that performs like no other.