Putin never sounded so good!

For architecture loving aesthetes, speaker design is important. But would you want the head of Vladimir Putin or Kim Yong-Un staring you down and singing to you on a daily basis? Wait, see, and listen! These famous heads are now available as “extreme bust speakers” along with more palatable pal Margaret Thatcher.

Sound of Power bluetooth speaker Maggie

The mono Bluetooth speakers designed by Russian artist Petro Wodkins explore the Sound of Power (SOP). Each bust is handcrafted of a marble-like composite, individually cast and polished in Sweden. The bust speaker sits on a wooden stand that functions as a Bluetooth 20W amplifier and features “gold like connectors and textile audio cords [that] make [the] SOP experience pleasant both visually and acoustically.”

SOP Bust Speaker: Maggie

SOP Bust Speaker: Maggie

Hilariously, because they are speakers, not sculptures, they look like they have serious head injuries. But, as its inventor says “Vladimir Putin has never sounded this good.” The above-mentioned three POS bust speakers are lovingly nicknamed Maggie, Kim Sunshine and St. Vladimir. They were inspired by the porcelain figures people used to collect and display in their homes, especially in Europe, but also the “powerful people who, in their own way, played the world like instruments and made countries and continents alike march to the beat of their metaphorical drums.”

SOP Bust Speaker Kim Sunshine

Bidding has started on these limited editions, so hurry if you want the sound of power playing in your home. Number 1 and 100 of St. Vladimir were sold for €6,500 and €4,200 respectively.

Sound of Power bluetooth speakers

SOP Bust Speakers

Perhaps you can make a request. We’d love to see a George W. Bush or Justin Bieber. Not really.