modernist brick home addition

Sometimes a home is simply too far gone or too eclectically assembled to ‘save’ as it is – a restoration would simply seem kitschy and false. So what do you do when you want to preserve historical elements of your hodgepodge home while rebuilding it to be your dream house? This strange Chicago residence is at once a tribute to the history of the house and neighborhood while also existing as a radical aesthetic departure from its context.

modernist home renovation

At first glance one would never guess that the core of this house dates back to the 1880s, when it was originally a stable. It was slowly added to over the years, accumulating piecemeal wood and brick additions, extensions and reconstructions that eventually led it to being an actual home. This most recent and remarkable set of changes has resulted in something hardly recognizable yet still tied to its roots.

modernist natural daylighting home

By the time the current owners decided they would like to restore some kind of original form there were too many iterations to choose from and too little structure to safely preserve. As a result, they commissioned Studio Gang Architects to create a stunning gray brick screen around the home and held onto what few rooms and structural elements they could in the core of the house.