Designing a contemporary home in an urban environment is one thing, but the challenge changes dramatically when one is far removed from civilization and set into a rural location with extreme climate conditions including hot windy summers and cold snowy winters.
This remote home designed by OSKA Architects is a strange blend of closed an open, a modernist concrete fortress home to conceptually and physically protect its inhabitants from harsh exterior elements with floor-to-ceiling glass for full views of the shifting surroundings.
A walled garden around part of the main house gives a layer of security and privacy from the vast expanse of flat desert and rolling hills around the home, creating close-up scenery to contrast with the far horizons visible in the distance.

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The contrast between interior and exterior is intentionally stark, with warm wood and dark steel set against the bleak concrete-and-snow of the outdoors. The half-mile journey up the driveway thus culminates in an inviting and sheltering architectural experience.