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Everyone should know how to sew a button onto a shirt – that’s just a basic life skill. But losing a shirt button tends to happen at the least convenient time, and you may not always have a sewing kit with you. Designers Yeon Hee Jung and Kyung Soo Kim created a simple, thread-free solution.

clip button replacement for missing shirt button

The Clip Button, as you may gather from the name, simply clips onto the shirt where the missing button should be. It provides an instant fix so you don’t want to wait until you get home before fixing that embarrassing gape in your shirt front.

temporary clip on button

To keep the temporary button handy (because no one needs one more thing to keep track of) it would attached to the care tag of the shirt. This slip-on fastener would clearly be a temporary fix, but it would be beyond helpful to those of us who can never remember to carry around a sewing kit or extra buttons.