clifton spinning engagement ring box

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When you are preparing to propose marriage to the one you love, you want everything to be absolutely perfect. The box you put the ring in might not rank high up there on the list of considerations, but maybe it should.


Clifton is a highly unusual ring box from designer Andrew Zo. Zo has been fascinated by origami and unconventional building techniques since he was a child, and he spent more than three years perfecting Clifton’s design.

low profile engagement ring box

The box, when closed, is so small and thin that it can fit inside the typical man’s folding wallet. Open it up, though, and the ring inside spins smoothly and beautifully, almost giving the impression of a flower suddenly blooming. Thanks to its low-profile design, it eliminates the awkward bulk of a standard ring box in your pocket.

thin wallet size engagement ring box

The starting price of $99 Canadian might sound a bit steep for something you’ll (hopefully) only use once. But if you’re going for perfect presentation there’s no doubt that the Clifton is far superior to the plain fuzzy velvet box you’d get from a jeweler.