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Combining kitchen and dining rooms spaces is a classic space saving solution, which this design takes to the next level. No longer do you have to draw up a stool to sit at the same surface on which you prepare your food – you can simple slide it out and expand it into a full-sized dining room table as needed.

The expandable portion of this furniture object by Phil Crook blends in with the island it encompasses, but moves out effortlessly and sinks to normal chair-seating height while a central panel expands to crate more surface area. Folding metal legs on wheels make the process simple, while wooden materials make it feel more comfortable and less industrial than it might as an all-metal piece.

As neat as the transforming multi-functionality is, equally impressive is the way in which the convertibility is reflected in each configuration – the dining table looks ‘changed’ via its central solid-color panel (contrasting with the wood around it) and stands both physically and visually out from the island without looking out of place surrounding it.