small space interior

Less is more when you need to make the most out of a small space, and this apartment shows how using a few materials and making smart layout choices can lead to a lovely and open-feeling home.

small apartment staircase

Designed by Alan Chu (images by Djan Chu), this Sao Paulo abode features white brick walls, a black spiral staircase and light-colored pine built-ins and platforms to keep the space bright, simple and multi-functional.

small pine built ins

Most of the wooden elements are stacked to one side, serving as shelves but also storage spaces while leaving other walls open and light and the plan itself also largely open to being rearranged as needed.

small unit floor plan

The lower level serves all primary daytime functions – kitchen, dining space and living room – with a thin balcony on the exterior face of the building and a fold-out couch sleeper for lounging or guessts.

small wood elements bedroom

The upper floor houses a minimal but elegant bedroom, a darker and more relaxing space. The project was made for a single occupant, but could house two as needed.