It has often been said that there is beauty in chaos, and in some cases that is very true. But what about the beauty to be found in organization? The Things Organized Neatly Tumblr by Austin Radcliffe is a monument to the inherent loveliness of neatly organized objects, laid out in orderly tableaux.

Ranging from neatly arranged store shelves to the contents of pockets and bags to the various tools used by professionals in the course of their daily work, the groups of objects represent the things both public and private that make up our individual worlds.

The small scenes laid out using these items are often intensely personal, reflecting the values and personalities of their owners. What type of person carries golf tees or bothers to painstakingly lay out every ingredient for blueberry muffins? Seeing the objects deemed by their owners to be important enough to photograph makes us want to know more about those people.

In a larger sense, Things Organized Neatly lets us look at our own possessions in a slightly different light. While the jumble of objects we carry or live with every day might be so familiar as to seem invisible, perhaps reframing them in an organized way would allow us to see them again and be satisfied with what we have rather than always wanting more.

More from Fast Company:

“In 2015, the site had 350,000 followerswon a Webby award and had garnered attention from the Tate Modern in London (Radcliffe has given talks at the museum). Now, Radcliffe’s meticulously curated collection of collections has also found a home on the printed page. Things Organized Neatly: The Art of Arranging the Everyday, out now from Rizzoli, features the work of 150 designers and more than 400 photographs of food, bicycle parts, sewing supplies, toys, and found objects big and small arranged in patterns by size, color, type, or shape.”