oslo floating staircase

A unique staircase is the centerpiece of an apartment remodel in central Oslo, Norway by Haptic Architects. The apartment is in a 19th century building and consists of a main level living area and a mezzanine/loft level. The mode of transport between the two is remarkable.

floating staircase

The powder-coated steel staircase is suspended from a wall and ceiling beam overhead. No part of the staircase touches the floor beneath, making it appear to almost float in the middle of the room.

floating staircase oslo apartment

Wooden treads are the only solid-looking part of the staircase; the white supports blend into the background. The stair risers are left open to further the illusion of a barely-there staircase.

hanging steel staircase oslo apartment

At the bottom of the floating steps, a piece of wooden furniture sits nestled against the wall. This acts as the bottom of the staircase; people stepping onto and off of the stairs use the wooden furniture as a transitional space.

window seat storage staircase end

The wooden furniture piece is not only a lovely way to begin and end a remarkably beautiful staircase; it also functions as a window seat and as storage for the residents.