ethereal penta basin

This organic-shaped sink might give you pause if you were to approach it to wash your hands. It appears to be perforated by holes that would make a huge mess when you run water into it. The design is equal parts whimsical and nature-based, resembling a natural formation with holes worn away by time and elements.

hole punched penta basin

The Penta basin was designed by Mac Stopa for DuPont Corian. The “holes” are actually pieces of a clear material called Chroma, giving the basin the appearance of a white sink with circular pieces punched out of it. It won theĀ Interior Design best of the year honoree award in 2013.

penta basin

The drain extends from the bottom of the basin, holding it in place above the counter or surface on which it’s installed and giving the basin the appearance of floating. The illusion is enhanced by the airy look of the milky Corian and the transparent Chroma, both of which give a kind of ethereal quality.