The idea of owning your own mortgage-free home is a compelling one, but when it comes down to it, most of us don’t actually want to live in a space the size of a shed. The tiny home movement hasn’t lost much steam over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why the idea is so attractive, but moving into one can be a little difficult to actually carry out. When full-sized homes are out of reach and micro-homes just aren’t practical, what’s to be found in between? An intriguing new project by Escape Homes offers one possibility.

The Escape One XL is a two-story micro-home that measures just under 400 square feet, which is at least twice as large as the average tiny house on wheels. Mobile, street-legal, and capable of sleeping up to eight people, the Escape One XL features a boxy RV-inspired silhouette and a wood-clad interior recalling the aesthetics of modern minimalist cabins. Its proportions, and the fact that it’s built on a trailer, enable it to be legally classified as a vehicle instead of a permanent structure. That means there’s no need for foundations, building permits, or property taxes.

On the bottom floor, you’ll find a surprisingly spacious kitchen area with a full-sized oven range and refrigerator, as well as counters, a microwave, and a sink, but you can customize the space according to your needs. This area also enjoys a double-height ceiling, while lofts on either end of the home host sleeping platforms with their own five-foot ceilings. One is reached via a narrow ladder, while the other offers a staircase for enhanced accessibility.

The bathroom, which is tucked beneath one of the lofts, boasts a toilet, vanity unit, and 60-inch bath/shower combo, while the stairs conceal storage and a closet. Translucent doors lead to a space that can be closed off for privacy, perfect for use as a living area, office, or studio.

The home is outfitted with baseboard heating and LED lighting. All those beautiful low-E windows come standard, and many of them are operable. Optional features in the Escape One XL include air conditioning, French doors, built-in beds, stone countertops, flat-screen TVs, USB outlets, and even a soaking or jet tub. The interior is clad in raw lodgepole pine and laminate or oak hardwood flooring, and the outside features beautiful Shou Sugi Ban-style charred wood siding.

This mobile micro-home can go anywhere an RV can, with standard RV hookups like a 30-amp electric plug, 3/4” water connection, and 3” quick-couple septic connection. You can store water in tanks, too. The sturdy steel trailer boasts 7,000-pound tandem axles, radial tires, and electric brakes. All in all, the Escape One XL measures about 35 feet long (including the hitch), eight-and-a-half feet wide, and 13-and-a-half feet high. It also weighs 11,000 pounds, which means you’ll need a vehicle with an appropriate towing capacity to pull it along.

The Escape One XL is an expansion of the Escape company’s standard “Escape” model, which is smaller and lighter. Escape offers a number of other towable tiny house models and larger park model houses, too. The company’s based in Wisconsin, but it delivers to almost anywhere in America with its own trucking company. The Escape One XL starts at about $69, 800, but it can be financed. It takes as little as 60 days to receive your unit after ordering.