‘ercol’ England 1920 is a bespoke range of classic furniture that has retained its mid-century modern vibe. Strongly influenced by Scandinavian design this heritage brand, created by an Italian immigrant to England, is known and loved by design enthusiasts the world over.

Windsor dining suite

The ‘Windsor’ dining collection was designed and introduced by ercol’s founder, Lucian Randolph Ercolani, in the middle of the last century.  His father emigrated to London from Tuscany, Italy closely followed by his family in 1898, and in 1920 his soon-to-be-famous son set up the ‘ercol’ furniture brand. Windsor is the range that most  recognizably epitomises the ercol style – elegant, light and ultimately fit for purpose. Traditional craft techniques and attention to detail are all part of the ercol ethos.

ercol Windsor sideboard

Ercolani enrolled in the Shoreditch Technical Institute where he studied design and furniture making – in the early 1900s Shoreditch was at the epicenter of furniture making in the UK. In 1920 when he opened his own design studio in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire it was then the ‘chair-making capital’ of England. Part of the ercol ‘Originals’ range, Windsor cabinets, dining tables and chairs are design classics that have retained many of their original signature features.  The cabinets and sideboards mix modern machining with bespoke tradition and are renowned for their oval wooden handles.

ercol green couch

ercol cosenza sofa

ercol ‘Cosenza’ couch

A 21st century sofa with a mid-20th century design, ercol sofas rest on tapered pale oak legs and have a distinctly mid-century modern, Scandinavian feel that is typical of ercol and epitomizes its style of craftsmanship and high quality design

ercol teramo sideboard

Pared down and unassuming, the clean lines and retro beauty of ercol’s ‘Teramo’ sideboard.

Romana highboard ercol

The ‘Romana’ highboard, with integral handles.

ercol ‘original’ sideboards and ‘Novara’ upholstered chairs are quietly elegant, contemporary classics that are cool, clean-cut and comfortable.

ercol 'original' butterfly chair

An Ercol ‘Original’ – the ‘Butterfly’ Chair.

windsor love seat ercol originals

Both in the ercol ‘Originals’ range of furniture that was created by Ercolani in the 1950s, the handcrafted ‘Butterfly’ chair and the Windsor ‘Love Seat’ have been in continuous production ever since. The technique required to bend thick wood laminates into the iconic ‘Butterfly’ shape took some time to perfect.  Ercolani’s ‘Love Seat’ was introduced in 1955. The modern-day version is  fashioned from bent beech wood. The seat is based on the idea of two Windsor armchairs fused together and was originally designed as a bench.

ercol stacking bar stool svelto

ercol has supplied their 1663 ‘Svelto’ stacking bar stool to the Arsenal Emirates Stadium in North London. A modern addition to the ercol range it is made at their Buckinghamshire design factory.

Windsor easy chair by ercol

The Windsor Easy Chair reborn.

Mindful that these solid furniture design classics can withstand the test of time, ercol provides a tailor-made reupholstery service. ercol reCover provides replacement cushions and reupholstery to give all your ercol furniture a new lease of life. With an extensive selection of  fabrics for very many ercol furniture ranges, both modern and retro. From their website:

“Over the past ninety years, ercol have made over two hundred different designs for chairs and upholstery, with many revised editions being released on some of our best known pieces; we go to every length to provide furniture reupholstery services on as many original items and revisions as we can.”

Invest in ercol, either vintage or modern and score yourself an original piece of design history – and if you’re feeling flush, have it reupholstered to its former glory