Etazin Chair Taliesin

Inspired by the interaction of modern architecture and dramatic desert vistas, the sculptural Etazin Chair frames views of the Arizona hills, its inner ring spinning to face any direction the user desires. Made of steel, the circular 8-foot lounger is more than just a practical piece of furniture. With looks that make it feel like an instant classic, the design works in concert with its surroundings for an immersive experience.

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Etazin Chair Taliesin circular metal
Etazin Chair Taliesin aligned

Bolted onto a solid base, the chair features self-oiling bushings so it’s easy to spin yourself while seated. It comfortably sits up to two people. The ability to spin the inner ring 360 degrees combined with the visuals created by the criss-crossing steel bars enables a new way to engage with the landscape each time you take a seat.

Etazin Chair Taliesin outdoor

Interior designer Kate Brown designed the original piece specifically for Taliesin West, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, where it is now on permanent display, but additional chairs are available for sale with international shipping.

"Artist and designer Kathleen Werner has immersed herself in many different aspects of the art world. Out of college, she created Zen, a boutique featuring Asian art, meditation pieces and teas from all over the world. From customers' interest in the store's decor and art, she went on to designing living spaces and continued on to landscape and commercial design. She also designed and owned a gallery for large scale modern art in Arizona featuring creative local talent. Kathleen's interests eventually turned to a more architectural aesthetic."

"She recently completed a program at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona. While there, she became interested in and inspired by the idea of creating interactive art, large pieces that could be both beautiful and useful. Concepts that could be an enhancement of landscaping or living areas while embracing true function.   Her initial project design Etazin, inspired by the Japanese moon gate is now a permanent installation at Taliesin West.  The most recent Etazin Square incarnation has been added to the collection at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa in Gainey Village. Kathleen and her designs have been featured in numerous websites and magazines worldwide and the third Etazin design and location will be announced in 2018."