floating city of the future

Based on current climate change, there seems to be a good chance that we will have to restructure our way of life within the next several generations. Futurist Phil Pauley has been concocting the perfect underwater city for future humans who may have to abandon land.

biosphere 2 underwater city

Pauley’s Sub-Biosphere 2 proposes creating an entirely self-sustaining civilization that will float in the ocean. The biosphere will need no air, water, or other resources from the outside world because the closed ecosystem will provide everything the residents need.

futuristic underwater city

The futuristic structure will consist of one central “support” sphere and eight off-branching smaller spheres. Each smaller sphere houses about 100 families. Each of the nine spheres contains its own ecosystem, providing the entire structure as a whole with everything it needs to survive. It would certainly be a change from the world we inhabit today, but it could be the idea that will keep the human race afloat (pardon the pun) in the coming centuries.