Tired of fumbling around with your coffee mug, trying to find that fleeting window when your beverage is warm, but not too warm? Does it feel like you always miss it? Well, Ember Tech wants to solve this hot beverage enthusiast’s conundrum with their temperature controlled Ember Mug.


Forget about waiting for your too-hot-to-drink tea or coffee to fall to a level that won’t leave your mouth scolded. The Ember mug will rapidly cool your beverage to a designated temperature, and best of all, keep it at that temperature for hours. You’ll get that “perfect sip” every time.


“I started Ember to solve a very simple problem: how to keep the coffee you love at the perfect temperature for as long as you like,” said founder and CEO Clayton Alexander. “By merging Ember’s patented temperature-control technology with beautiful design and an incredible user experience, we knew that we could appeal to discerning coffee drinkers.”


Ember’s simple, elegant design has no buttons or complex instructions. Simply rotate the dial at the base of the mug to easily adjust the temperature and enjoy your coffee exactly the way you like it. The mug can be controlled on its own, or through the Ember mobile app. The app allows you to create temperature presets for all of your favorite drinks and even adjust the temperature of your coffee or tea remotely.