Porro Vetrina room divider

Italian furniture company Porro produces furniture that is comfortable as well as stylish. These minimalist interiors are the perfect inspiration for anyone hoping to redesign even the most boring home interior into a streamlined, attractive places to work, live, eat and get dressed.

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Porro white minimalist workspace
Porro JOin system

These perfectly organized spaces have a place for everything. Stylish bookcases, sleek filing systems and tables that double as work surfaces fill the spaces and give each of the rooms a unique feel.

Porro Vetrina shelving
Porro Vetrina glass doors

The most prevalent elements in these designs are black and white, increasing their simple, minimalist aesthetic, but wood surfaces stand out, too, giving them some warmth. Seen here is the “Vetrina” range of modular shelving.

“Versatile, intelligent, flexible: System enters the home and the office to meet the needs of personalities, inclinations and lifestyles of those who live there. With the wide variety and superior quality of its finishes, System is the ideal solution to plan custom furnishing projects, since it can be intelligently adapted to create highly diverse settings: classic, sophisticated, informal, or elegantly traditional. Multifunctional and eclectic due to the many functions it provides, System can be used as a bookcase, a module for electronic media, an office area, or even as an element to divide rooms and create equipped walls. Inspired by the precision and flexible project features of fine contemporary design, System has a strong and balanced personality defining room areas in a definitive way, while improving their efficiency and appearance.”

Porro Synapsis system
Porro modern workspace

Porro’s systems and collections are designed to be used together, from lighting to tables. Simple hanging lights or floor lamps add touches of soft illumination.  The “Modern” workspace collection, for instance, is almost all in white.

“Modern is a sectional and flexible containers system. It has been created to fit spaces using clear and essential elements, marked by precision shapes, excellent finishing and high pure project. The idea is very simple: the projection of a pure geometrical shape in a space. The element is vertically and horizontally 400 mm long. The particular 45° connection between the side and the top gives an high quality to the element shape avoiding the use of the cover panel.”

Even the storage closets are soothing places to be. Everything has its place, neat and organized, without visual clutter. Porro’s massive, well-appointed walk-in closets and dressing rooms are so beautiful, you almost wish they could be in the middle of the living room so you can show them off.

Porro modern minimalist dressing room
Porro dressing room

These principles can be used at  home to create your own tranquil work space or minimalist living room. Simple color schemes, ample storage and plenty of light can keep your office space from feeling like a paperwork-filled prison.

“Founded in 1925 in the Brianza area, by tradition the Italian cradle of high-quality furniture manufacturing, today Porro is an international brand characterized by an intrinsic ability to select, work and interpret wood, offering an incredibly wide and accurate range of finishings and using it in unexpected ways by implementing cutting-edge technologies for glossy and matt lacquers alongside fine woodworking techniques of the past.”