bonansea scrap wood infill stair steps

If you have ever worked in a wood shop, you may have noticed the coiled shavings end up everywhere – a single day of cutting or carving can create massive piles. And what happens to these remains? Well, a sleek and shiny staircase is probably the last place you would expect them to end up.

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bonansea scrap spiral staircase

Italian stair designers at Bonansea specialize in central-stringer curved staircases, stock or custom-fit to client needs. This spiral staircase piece goes a bit beyond their typical set of luxury steps. The idea behind it? Something better suited to a converted loft than cold hard steel – and that makes use of a readily-available scrap material any custom manufacturer is sure to have on hand.

Between metal rails, wood-floored platforms and an exposed red-brick interior wall, it makes sense to have a set of connecting stairs that link old and new materials as well as vintage and modern design elements.

bonanseea scrap wood stairs

Flush-fit glass panels are set into the top of each tread packed full of upcycled wood scraps, looking a little like abstract rose petals strewn across the steps. Of course, for someone who is a bit particular about the specific appearance, well, they must find the variegated details a bit frustrating.

“Self-supporting spiral structure in cor-ten steel and railing with knotted horizontal currents. Treads in tray-shaped sheet metal with wood chip filling and treads in safety glass. Clear glass landing. Spiral staircases are the ideal solutions for those who need to recover space. Self-supporting, with central single beam or central column, in iron, steel or glass, they
can be customized with tailor-made solutions for each customer.”

Maurizio Bonansea has been building indoor and outdoor staircases, spiral, helical and open staircases, railings and gates since 1989, with the passion of the craftsman in love with his work. The intense dialogue with its customers and designers ensures that, for any environment, the most suitable solution is found. Bonansea stairs, gates, railings, the result of craftsmanship and creativity, become real installations in which the solidity of the metal is dissolved in the lightness of the shapes and innovative solutions. “