Kasch tubs

Sometimes the settings in which designers choose to showcase their luxurious fixtures are as impressive as the fixture designs themselves. An open floor plan certainly makes these Kaesch bathtubs of various shapes and sizes the respective centerpieces of each design, but the rooms are also highly impressive.

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The Overflow bathtub series by Kasch

Seen here ra the “Overflow” and “Takiyu” product lines, with spa-like tubs set into the ground.

Overflow spa tub

“Pure pleasure – a bath in harmony with yourself and nature – a sensuous experience, balancing and relaxing. In an OVERFLOW whirlpool by KÄSCH you will focus on nothing but yourself and soothing massage sensations.
The water flows back into the basin in a seemingly endless cycle, allowing you to enjoy this visual and acoustic experience during your bath, from start to finish.”

Kasch luxury bathtub japanese style

“Along with bathing in mineral springs, bathing in the pool of a waterfall – TAKIYU – has a long tradition in Japan. Even in earliest times in Asia, waterfalls in hidden mountain areas were pilgrimage places for individual bathing rituals. The TAKIYU bathtub collection was developed to recreate this natural experience in your own home. Its concept is based on the combination of a waterfall with the massaging effects of air-water jets, enhanced by coloured lighting. This model supports physical and psychological regeneration. Water continually flows in a closed cycle from beneath a decorative covering, falling gently into the tub.”

Natural elements are blended flawlessly with artificial ones in each of these compositions – pebbles and wood offset by shining tile, right angles and other hard lines, setting up an essential design contrast. So, whether you want to purchase one of these tubs or simply admire the styling around them is ultimately up to you.

takiyu tub

“KÄSCH is an internationally renowned manufacturer of exclusive acrylic and stone composite bathtubs and whirlpools with many years of experience in working with high-quality acrylics. The philosophy of KÄSCH is to create bathtubs and whirlpools for a maximum of relaxation and wellbeing. Simple, yet elegant designs combined with uncompromising quality in material and performance for both, bathtubs and whirlpools, make KÄSCH products unique. All our acrylic and stone composite bathtubs are designed and tested to meet anatomic and ergonomic requirements.”