elegant scale design

The newest high-tech kitchen gadget may look cool in the store, but will you really want to live with it on your kitchen counter every day? This simple and elegant kitchen scale – simply called Scale – was designed by Nadav Caspi to streamline your countertop. It has no electronics, requires no power, and takes up very little space, but it weighs accurately up to 250 grams. That makes it great for modern off-grid cabins or just showing off to your guests.


As you pour food or other items into the bowl, the flexible metal base moves lower along the measurement guide. It’s designed to be an accurate measurement tool, and it’s certainly far more attractive than most digital scales.

empty scale

Caspi set out to get back to the basic properties of metal when he designed Scale. The flexibility of the bending metal piece is perfectly balanced by the rigidity of the measurement stick, giving a nice visual contrast on a beautiful and functional kitchen tool.

“Kitchen scale which utilizes the flexibility and elasticity of the metal. The concept came from the search for the fundamental, “preliminary” properties of metals and exploitation to a functional product. The scale can weigh up to 250 grams with an accuracy of 50 g.”

scale detail

“Designer Nadav Caspi was born in Israel in 1986 and studied Industrial Design at the Holon Institute of Technology, graduating in 2014. He established his eponymous studio in Tel Aviv that same year, and he has continued to live and work there ever since. “

“Caspi’s design aesthetic is strongly influenced by his love of natural materials and the manual, artisanal processes of working with them. His love of wood can be traced back to an early apprenticeship in a workshop that produced children’s toys, particularly rocking horses. Indeed, pieces like the Lock Stool are reminiscent of some of the joinery aspects of well-made wooden toys and this charming piece has the added attraction of arriving as a flat pack including immaculately finished wooden nuts and bolts – fun to put together, beautiful to use.”