From napkins, bowls and plates down to a range of spatulas, spoons, forks and knives representing a range of sizes, this series of bread-based tableware is nothing if not comprehensive (but definitely has a limited shelf life).

Created by artist Andere Monjo, each carefully hand-crafted piece was clearly a labor of love, somewhere at the brittle-but-soft intersection of two classic crafts: dinnerware construction and meal preparation.

Edible dishware is not a new concept, as anyone who has eaten out of a bread bowl can attest to, but this is definitely a unique extreme when it comes to making things from simple flour and water.

Unfortunately, the ingredients and process clearly require a bit more work before you could imagine seeing these on store shelves – getting bread to be as sharp as a knife or a serving spoon able to carry heavy loads … well, these still have a ways to go.