edible eco friendly bowls
Constructed from vegetables , this edible dishware is not actually made to be eaten nor are the individual dishes in mass-production. Still, do not go to this exhibit too hungry or you may be tempted to pick at the tomatoes, carrots, peppers, peas and other paper-thin veggie edges of these curious organic works of art by Geke Wouters.
edible dish designs
This strange dinnerware set is designed to make a statement about transience, beauty and biodegradability all at once – an eco-friendly way of reshaping natural substances into new sculptural forms. Perhaps they could eventually be available to buy but in the meantime maybe they are best off as works of art, since reusing regular ceramic or plastic dishware can also be a green way to go.
edible environmental dishes

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Meanwhile, for the purposes of this limited-edition collection the artist has also created a set of cups to go with the bowls central to the series. Whether they would hold liquid is another question. All of these organic dishes are made from flat-pressed sheets of vegetable matter wrapped up into three-dimensional forms. Get too close to these creations, however, and they might not appear as appetizing as they did from a distance.