ocean front mountain home

For better or worse, it would seem that rural mountain homes in Chile are too remote to attract the attention of building inspectors, who would surely object to the the following: an incredibly vertigo-inducing, radically railing-free deck from which a person can dangle their feet over the edge of an incredibly steep and rocky cliff overlooking the ocean below.

oceanfront cliff top home

This rustic modern twin cabin designed by Alvaro Ramirez has two adjoining spaces, separated from one another and from the precarious oceanfront porch by simple wood-framed and glass-paneled doors – within the complex, in other words, there is little division between outside and indoors or between one bedroom, bathroom and living space and the other.

ocean view cliff home

Unlike a typical home layout that emphasizes the entry, the conceptual front of this cliff house is on the face that no one ever sees – except perhaps from a distance far down in the water below. Instead, the progression involves moving down a slope toward the unassuming structures before being thrust visually out toward the horizon upon entering.

oceanfront house with a view

Simple wood salvage and sustainably-grown lumber as well as the obvious and elemental natural heating and ventilation techniques make this also a great sustainable vacation destination. Though the forest setting is green and serene serene and the surrounding woods provide privacy and solitude, this remote vacation home is not for the faint of heart. The ocean views from within are complete – no trace of land can be seen while sitting or lying down inside each space. And from outside, of course, all that separates you from the water is one giant jump into the abyss.