There are some difficult decisions that are made over and over again in the realm of industrial design. Two of them exist in tension within this unusually elegant series of ‘paper’ party plates, cups and bowls made with a bamboo/sugarcane hybrid pulp: disposable (wasteful) versus reusable (green) objects and tacky one-time use versus timeless and lasting design.

To be fair, these are made to be thrown away – there is no way to easily wash them for the next time you have dinner guests. However, they are at least constructed thin and made of eco-friendly, fast-growing bamboo and sugarcane waste (the latter of which is often discarded anyway as a production byproduct). Being made of organic materials, it is also possible to compost (or at least recycle) this dinnerware rather than dropping it in a wastebasket.

The various parts and pieces are available for purchase fromWarasara supply retails or online in small, medium and large sizes. The plates come in round or square shapes, each with a signature grip handle for easy portability (without excess material). The goods as a whole reflect the Japanese thin-paper tradition embodied in Shoji screens, at once simple yet subtle and stylish.

So are they sustainable? Not, perhaps, as much as some other non-disposable tableware … but as these things go, they are efficient and effective for those occasions on which you want to keep the fine dining plates and utensils tucked out of reach.