Gota compact dishwasher tiny

Maybe you have a second residence or simply do not have the space for an additional appliance. Whatever the reason, there are a good many homes that could use something like this – a sleek, simple, stylish mobile compact dishwasher with space for a small load of seriously sullied dishes.

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Gota compact dishwasher countertop

Ideal for a bachelor, a small business owner or someone who eats most meals away from home, the tiny “Gota” dishwasher by Ibsen Caldas can be tucked away when not in use and is anything but an eyesore even if left out. As an added bonus, see-through sides and top allow you to view your own dishes washing – a mysterious part of the process hidden in most washing machines.

Gota compact dishwasher modes

The inside tank is designed to hold enough water for a single load, accomplished in part because this clever kitchen appliances recycles the little water it has from one cycle to the next – eco-friendly and efficient all at the same time.

“Gota Dishwasher, was a concept developed for an Award of Product Design. The focus of this concept was to reduce the levels of water wasted at the dishwash process, to do that we focused at Steam and high pressure mechanics to help improve the water consumption.”

Gota compact dishwasher

“Another great feature is that we aim our design and studies to make it looks like a premium kitchen appliance, and not just the common white box that we usually see at kitchens. About the design itself, since we were trying to help the nature resources and focus on that, nothing better than focus our design on it, so at our brainstorms we designed Gota focusing at the single drop of water, which in portuguese means Gota. The interface is very simple, we know that Gota design attracts attention so the interface should be very easy and simple, not a lot of functions and the interaction the most smooth as possible.”

“Gota’s market target, should be young people around 25~35 years old, since the product is small than the others, the full capacity is 6 itens of each, 6 plates, 6 cups and the common cutlery.”