green coffee table design

What if you were not just allowed to spill things on your nice central living room coffee table … but were actually encouraged to do so? The key is in the vegetation selected by designer Devon Wang: a species dubbed the “air plant” (Tillandsia) for its ability to live without base soil or watering.

green growing coffee table

These plants survive and thrive simply on what they catch out of the air, from ambient moisture to particles of dust and other nutrients floating around them. As such, they are the perfect plant to use as a green surface for a furniture object – you can simply let them be, set things on them, and they will soak up and use whatever comes their way.

green eco friendly coffee table

Better yet, these plants will convert your used CO2 back into breathable oxygen and naturally filter the particles in the air around them. Thus, these coffee tables become eco-friendly not simply because they grow greener over time but also because they improve your air quality and filter your waste without requiring any power or complex equipment.