There are two kinds of people with a big ego or self-cultivated eccentricities: those who have earned it and those who have not. As these meticulous works demonstrate,  Edward Johnson may well be in the minority of individual who deserves to get away with being a bit less than modest.

Each custom-crafted furniture object he builds personally from start to finish, and the finished products are then inlaid with his own dated and hallmarked biometric fingerprint cast in sterling silver.

Of his work, he is not so much boastful as he is blunt: “As a designer and a maker I understand the medium timber in great depth. I know how it moves, looks, feels and works, which allows me to really push the boundaries, to try the untried and succeed.”

His works are certainly unique – and he knows it, detailing the process as well as his material choices and design changes along the way. “Firestarter [the pixelated and curved table shown above] harnesses the beautiful qualities of natural timber, piecing together over 1000 blocks in end grain form, it reveals a stimulating array of patterns, colours and textures.”

Meanwhile, “Volumptuous [the undulating and amorphous side cabinet pictured as well] is as sensuous as furniture gets, visually stimulating, enticingly tactile and beautifully scented.”