V-tape design

You see the options on every tape stand or shelf at the store: you can buy the simple, no-frills, but hard-to-cut roll of clear plastic tape … or you can double the size to gain access to metal prongs that will cut your tape to whatever length you want.

V-tape no plastic dispenser

But do you really need all of that infrastructure, or precision for that matter? If you are willing to round up or down on a project, this may be the tape roll for you.

low plastic design

Like the little cut that lets you start opening a product package, the V-shaped nick in this roll lets you stop, turn, twist and tear off the amount you need without scissors or another cutting device.

It’s arguably a lot less wasteful than a standard tape dispenser, too. If we’re going to overcome the wasteful habits we’ve developed over the last century and survive the climate crisis as a species, we’re going to need a lot more ideas like this: eliminating all unnecessary materials without affecting the basic purpose of the item.

This is a great example of how clever design can contribute to a better world, no matter how mundane or simple it appears to be. Hopefully it will actually be produced someday, helping to cut back on the amount of plastic thrown into landfills around the world.

The V-Tape concept was designed by Zhichuan Tang.

clever tape dispenser

“We find that we can’t tear up the sellotape easily and can not find the start of tape next time immediately . We cut a jag on one side of the tape. There are two advantages through the two little changes. First , we can tear up the tape easily from the jag. Second , we find the start of tape immediately next time. Because the start of tape always adhere to the jag.”

The V-tape won an iF Concept Design 2010 Award.