bosse ergonomic shovels

Digging a hole in the dirt is a literal pain in the back – and neck, and shoulders, and arms. The ergonomic shovels from Bosse Tools use unique rotating handles to ease the strain on your body and make your digging projects far less strenuous.

Traditional shovels force you to move your body into unnatural positions and angles. By adding a rotating handle to the middle of the design, Bosse’s shovels allow the user to assume a more natural and comfortable hand position while eliminating the need to bend over too far.

ergonomic shovel

Another benefit of the redesigned shovels is the U-shaped foot space above the shovels’ blades. Rather than having to stomp on one side or the other of the shovel’s handle, users apply pressure to the middle of the blade. This allows for greater power on the downward push and greatly decreased back strain.

unique ergonomic shovels movable handles

Currently, the company offers spades, flathead shovels and snow shovels. All feature the unique ergonomic design that ensures you’ll never again be able to get out of doing yard work because of a sore back.