When you look at the entire timeline of human history on this planet, the segment that includes modern creations like electricity barely registers as a blip. Indeed, nature didn’t exactly prepare us for our current world full of gadgets, light pollution, and work schedules that fall outside daylight hours. It’s no wonder we seem to have a lot more health problems and trouble sleeping than we used to.

A new smart lamp by Dyson aims to address part of that problem by adjusting itself not only to the daylight where you live, but also to your age, which tends to dictate how much brightness you need. The Lightcycle task light is also designed to help reduce eye strain by eliminating even the slightest imperceptible flicker or glare.

“As we get older, our eye muscles weaken and the lenses harden — so we need up to four times more light,” the company explains. “The Lightcycle task light automatically adjusts to give you the recommended brightness for your age. A 65-year-old person needs up to four times more light than a 20-year-old. The Dyson Lightcycle task light corrects brightness based on the age you enter into the Dyson Link app.”

But the light will also monitor ambient levels of brightness in the room and adjust itself accordingly. An infrared movement sensor switches the light on when you’re near and off when you’ve been away for five minutes, and you can even set it to brighten gradually at the time you wake up to mimic a natural sunrise. This helps reset your body’s internal clock, making you feel more rested throughout the day.

The Lightcycle regulates blue light, too, and this is where that “tracking your local daylight” part comes in. Blue light is emitted by a lot of gadgets, like computers and smart phones, and can aid concentration during the day. Unfortunately, exposure to it for too long can interfere with sleep. The Lightcycle tracks local daylight to provide warmer light when you’re ready to wind down before bed.

You can choose between three pre-set light modes designed for particular tasks: “Relax,” “Study,” or “Precision” for more focused work. On top of that, there’s a boost button that provides you with 20 minutes of higher intensity light. Slide-touch dimming and color temperature controls let you fine-tune the brightness and warmth to your precise preferences, from 100 to 1000 lux and from warm 2700 kelvin to cool 6500 kelvin.

The Lightcycle has an unusual, vaguely futuristic look thanks to its “3 Axis Glide” motion, which adjusts the position of the light vertically, horizontally, and through 360 degrees without the use of springs or pivots, which themselves can wear out and eventually cause drooping. Finally, there’s the incredible life expectancy of this product: 60 years. The Lightcycle’s Heat Pipe technology efficiently cools the LEDs to keep them in tip top shape for as long as possible.

That kind of quality comes at a hefty price of $599, which is more than many people want to pay for a lamp. But might it be worthwhile, if it’s a lamp you only ever have to buy one time in your entire life? If Dyson can live up to its promises, the Lightcycle represents an important step forward for consumer goods: increasing longevity and cutting back on waste.