Every once in a while an offbeat, unique and utterly bizarre design actually makes its way into production when there is enough demand for it. This combination of chairs, swings and dining is (amazingly enough) actually being manufactured and sold (albeit not for cheap).

The idea of this Duffy original is clear enough: instead of supporting your dining room chair-and-table table on legs as you have come to expect, they are (respectively) suspended from above and supported by a four-cornered frame to which everything connects.

Whether or not this is a good idea is … debatable. Swinging while slinging down a meal might be trickier than these fanciful designers first realized, and the stomach cramps that could result … well, it might not be pretty when dessert rolls around.

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The seats come in black, red or white, but all of them look dangerously free-floating with respect to the sharply-angled structural elements at each corner. The overhead light appears to be something of an afterthought as well, its cord snaking awkwardly up the site. Perhaps most worrisome: on the sales site there is no picture of the finished product – one hopes they built real full-scale, actual-material mock-ups before making this available to the public for purchase – the idea of buying a $5000 furniture pieced based on a 3D model is just a bit frightening.