Cookie-cutter design works in many cases, but there is a niche for everything as well – in this case, quite literally. A special double-wide slot makes room for you to slide a cookie into the side, regardless of how big it is (or how little milk you have left).

Created by Entlo1a, the beauty and bane of such a mug is its specificity – you really have to love cookies and dip them habitually to make this worth adding to your cluttered cabinet of kitchenware. Even with its minimalist white design, it might stand out a bit against the rest of your collection – better to be sure it is worth your while, which leads us to …

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… the fact that any good design can always be better. It seems like a team-up would be ideal for the true cookie fan: SymDesign has created a parallel kind of design solution for tucking biscuits underneath a warm mug of coffee or tea – while not as useful for dipping, this would serve a second function for storing and heating your snacks below. In short: a hybrid would work for any drink-and-round-treat combination, hot or cold.