recycled dumpster swimming pool
This spectacular urban art project sits at the intersection of guerrilla installation art, recycling, upcycling and freeganism, from interactively mapping empty dumpster locations and full dumpster contents to providing tools for converting materials within them and the skips themselves into new objects and useful spaces.
recycled urban swimming pool

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One of the easiest and yet most impressive of these so-called skip conversions is quite simple yet equally compelling: a swimming pool created simply by lining the interior of a dumpster, adding a latter and filling the result with water.
recycled urban skate park
A few pieces of bent plywood and some tape and one of these dumpsters can also be turned into a miniature skate ramp complete with curved slopes and side rails.
recycled dumpster living room
A somewhat more cozy conversion, there is plenty of space for some simple wallpaper, a rug, some seating and even a television set within a single dumpster with walls on all sides.
recycled public dumpster toilet
Need a place to go on the go? There are rarely enough public restrooms in urban areas, but with some on-site facilities and built-in privacy a covered dumpster will do in a pinch.
recycled urban grass lawn
For those who do not have the space to grow a lawn in the city, a bed of soil and some sod can turn an old rusty dumpster into a green picnic or public lounge space.
recycled urban guerrilla garden
Similarly, it is not too difficult to transplant some flowers, fruits and/or vegetables into one of these units and create a small urban guerrilla garden – possibly even with useful food-producing plants.
recycled urban guerrilla artists
Other uses include gathering spaces, speaking platforms, camping settings, or even ping-pong tables. The idea, of course, is that anyone can upcycle an old dumpster into virtually anything and make it a place for the public, possibly even using the contents of the dumpsters that are to be converted in the first place.