ThinkGeek R2D2 coffee press

Dare we say that the average french press is a little — well — boring? The contents are exciting, of course, for those of us who find our daily intake of caffeinated beverages to be integral to proper functioning. But not every kitchen nor every coffee drinker is suited to a minimalist glass beaker, and there are more personalized options to be found. This fun creation from ThinkGeek, for example, will have every Star Wars fan mashing the ‘Buy Me’ button.

The R2-D2 Coffee Press was designed “for those of us with a bad motivator” (Star Wars geek joke), featuring a 32-ounce-capacity glass carafe that’s removable and dishwasher safe. The plastic housing not only functions as the plunger, handle and stand, but also turns an ordinary transparent beaker into the body of a droid. R2-D2 always makes for an ideal assistant in the films, so it’s only natural that he’s here to help us all get out of bed in the morning.

ThinkGeek R2D2 coffee french press

Standing 9.5 inches tall, the R2-D2 french press is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise and is available exclusively on ThinkGeek for $39.99. Preorder now and your new best friend will ship by mid-December, just in time for gifting to the Star Wars fans on your list or making your own holidays a few light years brighter. This item is so popular, a previous pre-sale sold out, and sales are limited to two per customer, so you might want to act fast if your heart is set on owning one.

From ThinkGeek: “Let R2 help you navigate your mornings more successfully with this Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press. He’s happy to help a human in need. Put your grounds and boiling water in his glass body, brew for a few minutes, plunge, and he’ll serve up 32 oz. of piping hot coffee. For folks playing along at home, that’s 4 cups, so even if your motivator is so bad that the Jaws put you back on the scrap heap, he can still get you going.”

star wars pinball coffee table star wars pinball coffee table star wars pinball coffee table

Need a little something to entertain you while you sip your morning brew? Check out this incredible Star Wars pinball machine coffee table by the Hungarian firm ALTAR Furniture, which snagged a 2015 A’Design Award. ALTAR specializes in making coffee tables from refurbished pinball games rescued from closed arcades, and “The Droid” is their signature product.

The case is modeled on R2-D2’s body design, and while the game is no longer playable in this reincarnation, the coffee table does light up and make some delightful beeps and whirring sounds. Turn it on, set your R2-D2 coffee press on top and enjoy a match made in the geekiest of galaxies. It takes the company an incredible 320 hours to manufacture each one.

ThinkGeek R2D2 coffee french press

If you’re a die-hard fan with deep pockets, perhaps you’re up for paying the hair-raising $13,000 price tag on this conversation piece, but for the rest of us, the adorable “beep bean bloop brew” R2 will do. He’s just the motivator you’ve been looking for!