driftwood lights and lamps

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It is as if these designers set an insane challenge for themselves: see just how many there are to craft pieces and parts of every kind of lamp and lighting fixture ever created – all from recycled scrap and found driftwood.

driftwood lighting

One of the fascinating results of this design experiment: a number of lights in which the wood takes on opposite rolls from one object to the next – acting as the suspension cable for a ceiling light or stalk of a table lamp in one case, then as their respective shades in the next.

driftwood table lamp stands

Likewise, the contrasts within a given kind of light – such as the series of simple table lamps shown above – is particularly stark when you set them next to one another. From similarly-sized sticks and single stand-alone logs to random pieces of driftwood stacked upon one another, the effect varies dramatically.

drifwood lamps and lighting

While most of this work from Bleu Nature contains only soft white stands and shades, some of their pieces are at the opposite extreme – dark brown tones that begin to engage in a color-and-tone interplay with the wooden portions.

driftwood unique craft lights

From strange mushroom-like stick lights where the log forms the core structure to hanging lamps in which the wood is structurally redundant, this design group is engaged in what may be a never-ending experiment to create the largest variety of contemporary natural-wood furniture in the world.