Snurk Bedding Dream Big mermaid

When you’re asleep and dreaming, you can be anything your heart desires – and this creative bedding helps send you (or your little one) off to dreamland already dressed for the adventure. Astronaut, princess, robot, shark and other fun fantasy bedding sets from Dutch company Snurk feature photo-realistic costumes that let sleepers pretend to be someone else as they drift off.

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Snurk Bedding Dream Big astronaut

The astronaut set lets little space lovers blast off into the great unknown in a soft version of a space explorer’s suit. The intricately detailed image on the duvet is complemented by the equally realistically-rendered helmet on the pillowcase. When he’s lying down, the child’s head fits perfectly on top of the helmet, creating the illusion that he’s actually wearing it.

Snurk Bedding Dream Big rocket

When your little dreamer isn’t in bed, the spacesuit and helmet will remind him to make his bed. All laid out nicely and evenly, the duvet and pillowcase look just like a real astronaut laid out on the bed.

Snurk Bedding Dream Big Dinosaur

For tiny sleepers who are more into frills than rockets, the beautiful princess bedding set gives the experience of being dressed up in a festive frock and a jeweled tiara. When she’s lying in bed, the tiara looks to fit right on top of her head – just as if she’s wearing it for real. But the dinosaur, robot, rocket and fairy bedding is just as great.

Snurk Bedding Dream Big shark

Just like with the astronaut set, the promise of seeing a lovely princess dress and tiara all laid out is the perfect motivation for faithfully making the bed every single morning. Both of the above bedding sets are available for worldwide shipping from Snurk, based in Amsterdam and founded by Peggy van Neer and her husband Erik van Loo.

Snurk Bedding Dream Big robot

About Snurk

Once upon a time there was an idea that had been in Peggy’s head for many years. An image of a folded-out cardboard box, printed on a soft cotton duvet cover. In order to make people aware of the increasing number of homeless young people and to raise money for their shelter. ‘Sleep under a cardboard box so a homeless youth doesn’t have to.’ In 2007, Peggy van Never and her husband Erik van Loo decided to bring the idea to life. Together they created the duvet cover Le-Clochard (‘The Homeless Man.’) Due to all the media attention, the bedding flew out the door. A large part of the proceeds went (and still go) to a charity supporting homeless kids.”

“In 2013, SNURK released its first ‘Dream Big’ children’s bedding. With lifelike photo prints of an astronaut and a princess. Portraying children’s dreams in a grow up way was an innovative concept. It meant a breakthrough for SNURK. Nowadays, people from 0 to 99+ years old, from Amsterdam to Australia, sleep under a SNURK.”