Floating on an actual cloud might theoretically offer the best sleep any of us have ever had, but in the real world, a floating mattress that can be installed literally anywhere you imagine will do nicely. The round ‘Floating Bed’ system melds traditional frame-supported mattresses with hammocks to create some of the dreamiest sleep scenarios this side of the sound barrier, and the photos will have you drifting off to daydreams about suspending them over swimming pools, hanging them from trees and creating swanky festival setups. Available in indoor and outdoor versions, the bed can be an art piece, an instant party and a natural gathering place for friends.

It can be suspended from anything that the top ring can be attached to, including ceiling beams, gazebos, tree limbs, overhangs or specially made stands that are available for purchase separately. Those options include a heavy-duty commercial aluminum stand and a lightweight telescoping aluminum stand, the latter of which is portable and can fit in a standard car, collapsing to less than 8 feet in length. Combine it with the company’s mosquito net and tent cover, and you’ve got a waterproof floating tent resembling a hanging teepee.

The Floating Bed comes in four sizes: youth (6 feet in diameter), double (6’6”), queen (7’4”) and king (8 feet). The hoops have two hinged joints and four insert joints for easy assembly, disassembly and transport, and hoop finish options include stainless steel for a modern look or a cushioned, fabric-covered perimeter wrap.

The right motion makes all the difference for high quality sleep, says the company, noting that rocking is a proven, natural sleep aid. “It is the same safe motion that we felt, gently floating in our mother’s womb. Nature selected this motion for its calming effect. It has positive effects on the limbic, circulatory, and other systems. It activates a deep, powerful relaxation response. Mothers intuitively rock babies from head to toe, using that same floating motion. Every mother knows that rocking is good for a baby. But science has found that motion is good for adults too.”

“No other bed has this motion. It feels totally different from all other beds (including waterbeds, etc.) This is the most simple, stable, predictable motion, and the only motion suitable for a bed, or for relaxing. Why? It is the only motion that tells your vestibular system that you are safe to relax. Omni-pendulum motion is the best. The bed arcs slowly, gently, smoothly up as it swings, to hold you perfectly in place. You are not tossed around. The arc cradles you, so you move with the bed, almost unaware of the motion.”

Hanging beds can also be helpful for disabilities and neuro-atypical conditions such as autism, PDD-NOS, Aspergers and ADHD, says the company. “The Floating Bed assists with Vestibular Therapy, as well as providing a ‘safe zone’ for children with sensory processing disorders. Over 75% of special needs children and adults have sleep problems which contribute to continuing overall health issues.”

Learn more and check out lots more photos at the site FloatingBed.com. Also notable is the fact that these beds are perfectly paired with geodesic domes, hung right from the center of the frame, as seen at Pacific Domes.