This stunning home at the foot of Japan’s Yatsugatake Mountains uses a cantilever at one end to maximize the views of its lovely natural surroundings. The one-story home is understated but also unforgettable.



Branching out from a solid concrete base, the living area of the home is like a mostly-glass box sandwiched between two pieces of overlapping wood. The home, by Kidosaki Architects Studio, seems to balance daintily upon the slope.



Two cylindrical steel supports hold up the cantilevered portion of the home, safely suspending it above the rocks below. A wrap-around wooden deck allows for unhindered views of the entire landscape and the perfect place for outdoor activities.



Every area of the home’s interior is designed to enhance the experience of living in this incredibly beautiful region. Three sides of the living room feature floor-to-ceiling windows to let the inhabitants enjoy the splendor of their surroundings.



Elsewhere in the home, the floor plan is open and airy to cut down on visual barriers between the residents and the home’s setting. Even the three bedrooms offer differing views of the mountain range.



Although it was built to allow for the maximum amount of visual interaction with its beautiful surroundings, the home itself is a breathtaking work of art. It cuts a dramatic figure poised on the side of the mountain, particularly when lit from within at night.