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Forget freestanding furniture – this place has only built-ins and one movable chair – and imagine the process of decluttering your life to the point you could comfortably occupy a one-room Airstream year round.

Really, residing alone (though sad for guests) there is no need for more than one chair – working, dining, reading, your bases are covered, right?

Forget cabinet pulls and other hardware – this resident removed those and just uses the holes. (video by The Werehaus)

And for work? Well, Berkeley-based landscape architect Andreas Staveropoulos loves his small portable spaces, so it should come as no surprise that he uses his compact car to cart around a mini mobile office trailer as well.

He likens his design process in general and for his residence to musical improvisation – you get better as you learn to adapt to what is already there, work with and around it. The best designs, he maintains, happen within constraints – and an Airstream trailer is surely that!