Finding new products that showcase the beauty of nature in a novel way is always a fun discovery. These  laser cut acrylic rings let you wear the bright berries of summer as the shining jewels they really are.


The series of rings was designed by TourDeFork and are available as downloadable patterns from Italian magazine CasaFacile. After downloading the files, you simply take the patterns to the nearest Fab Lab (worldwide fabrication laboratories run by MIT) to turn them into real-life wearable objects.


The rings are “naked” until you add your own flair. Colorful berries and candy look especially marvelous on the unique jewelry, but there’s a lot of room to be creative with your customization.

Once you’ve displayed your delicious treasures, you can repurpose them (again) as a snack. These rings are the ultimate in one-of-a-kind wearables. TourDeFork calls them “The Future of DIY,” and we believe them. From the actual fabrication of the rings to the changeable nature of the jewelry, these little beauties are DIY all the way.