A simple twist on a classic dual-seat bench, this elegant variant lets you choose which way you face in a simple motion and without forcing your neighbor to do the same. The convertible bench design looks like ordinary seating at first glance, but the trick is customization at the flick of your wrist.

Pivoting on a central metal beam below, the backrests of this transforming bench provide sturdy support when you sit down but is easily swung when there is no weight on it. French designer and cabinetmaker Chloe de la Chaise created a limited-edition series of fifty of these benches, produced with options including chestnut, oak, robinia-acacia and moabi.

The bench is a contemporary version of the 18th century “conversation chair,” which were S-shaped seating inviting users to sit on the same piece of furniture to chat while giving them the option of looking at one another more directly.

Original concept, subject of a patent, Double View allows to vary the configurations of its seat, side by side or opposite according to the desire or according to the sight … or even according to the sun …”

“The Double View collection consists of a rocking bench with double reversible backrests, a table and a single rocking chair whose backrest is also reversible. Manufactured by a cabinetmaker craftsman recognized by the Ateliers d’Art label of France, each piece is handmade jointly signed by the designer and the craftsman. The Double View benches are on sale in limited edition and numbered issued with a certificate of authenticity.”

“For two of the three species proposed for the Double View collection, the Robinia (of the Acacias family) and the Oak, these woods are French, from the Morvan forest, whose logging is PEFC certified. The third available petrol is an African wood, Moabi, FSC certified.”