invitation chair closed
In an office or classroom setting, the need to share a bit of digital work-in-progress with a collaborator comes up often. Rochester Institute of Technology student Alexander Bennett came up with a novel way to encourage personal interactions rather than digitally mediated ones: the Invitation Chair.
invitation chair open
The chair looks just like a normal office chair, albeit a little new-agey. But when someone comes over and needs to share your computer screen for a moment, the chair separates and swivels to make two connected chairs.
swiveling chair converts to two seats
The seat and backrest swivel together, giving two people space to sit together and work or have a face-to-face conversation. The backrest also features a convenient handle.
shared invitation chair

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According to the designer, the chair is meant to encourage creativity and camaraderie in a workplace setting. Since ideas flow more freely during personal interaction than during digital conversations, this may be one of the most brilliant office seating ideas ever.