Anything but the large, round, ornate, silver-and-gold staples of classic modern styles, these designs are all about subtle minimalism and tricks of the eye. Each mirrored glass object from Feld is as much a work of attention-grabbing, wall art as it is a decorative or functional reflective surface for the home.

Not quite full length, frameless rectangular Blur mirror likewise plays tricks on your eyes, leading you to believe you may be fading away like a ghost starting with your feet and heading up. And Airline provides what you might expect: a mirrored surface with rounded edges instead of corners, made to look like an aircraft window.

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When is a door not a door? What it is ajar – or a fake frame, perhaps, wrapping around a real mirrored surface. This Mirror Table from Front Design looks like a fully-round, simple and modern little table … except the fact that it is sitting in a doorway frame. Of course, only have of what you see is reflection-free reality – the actual piece is simply a console table connected to a mirrored sheet of wall-hung reflective glass, in turn surrounded by the outline of door-framing wood trim.