Modern kitchens have so much technology in them, one has to wonder sometimes how people lived without all this cookware – yet they did. These sleek and sharp-looking stainless-steel knives are an attempt to go back to a simpler, less-cluttered kitchen without compromising contemporary conveniences to which we have become accustomed. They’re basically like a multi tool for your kitchen, combining multiple functions into a small package that helps declutter your drawers.

Using the flat of the blade and/or the handle, each part of this three-piece space-saving kitchen set serves at least a second (if not a third) additional function – thus reducing the need for other conventional kitchenware. The six-inch knife includes a grater/crusher and herb-scooper; its four-inch sibling doubles as a vegetable peeler. The smallest in the set is a short three-and-a-half inch piece with a ‘decorating’ tool built into it. How many standard kitchen knives can do all this?

This BasicKnives project from Caroline Noordijk was part of a collaborative project between the RCA and BrAun to explore beyond-traditional ideas for simplifying kitchen cutlery design and enhancing the cooking experience with multi-functional chef tools and without compromising high-quality materials. Simple but rather ingenious, this knife set saves you space, materials, cost as well as the time it takes to flip between various implements.

“Our world is over technologized and we tend to forget and enjoy daily things in life. Evidence can be found in our kitchen where blenders and food processors are taking over our place.”
“BasicKnives reinterperteds one of our most basic kitchen tools, the knife. It incorporates different (cutting) tools within the blade surface, making other tools in the kitchen drawer redundant. The BasicKnives project was a result of a collaboration project between the RCA and BrAun. The knives were also shown at the 50 year BrAun exhibition.”