Hidden wire and concealed glass shelves are nothing new. Still, these configurations suggest something beyond the ‘wow factor’ of your standard secret supports, possibilities that range from regular and rigid geometries to more abstract and sculptural patterns.

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teebooks shelf cross shape

This so-called TEEBooks system is essentially a series of independent invisible floating shelving units that can be combined and arranged in a variety of ways – and the more stuff you put on each shelf, the less visible the shelves themselves become. No distracting brackets stick out on either side, so if your books, DVDs, etc… do they will disappear each self in no time.


Combined ‘H’ and ‘T’ shapes are available ready-made, but there are also a variety of lengths that can augment and transform each set into a work of homemade sculpture (for the brave and creative) or simple and elegant storage (for those of more modern or modest tastes).

teebooks h shelf

For the modular IKEA-style fans in the crowd, the permutations are pleasantly endless once you start adding in elements like horizontal and vertical white dividers, suspended drawers and thicker display shelves that stand out from the wall. These optional added pieces provide added decorative relief from blank white surfaces. Of course, the die-hard DIYers out there are no doubt already plotting to make their own out of bent sheet metal, plywood and stock lumber perhaps going a step beyond the options pictured here.

teebooks creative shelves

“Guardian of knowledge or passion, the library is a key element in a home. It presents our areas of interest, enhances them and protects them. Thanks to it, we can draw on resources, knowledge, wonderment and imagination. The library is a unique place that you have to privilege. This is why the choice of its design and materials is equally important. Encouraging reading and embracing culture, both represented by the library, fundamentally imply easy access to books. With its restrained and inviting design, these wall bookshelves will make all your books, collections, works and comics easily accessible.”