Double Courtyard Cube House Israel 1

Two courtyards, reflecting pools and lots of glass ensure that the interior of this stunning modern home in Israel is always filled with plenty of natural light. The cubic home finished in matte white features an elongated bridge crossing a sunken front courtyard, which leads to a double-height, minimally furnished monochromatic living area.

Double Courtyard Cube House 2

‘Ramat Hasharon House 13’ by Pitsou Kedem Architects is a private residence that emphasizes connection to outdoor spaces from each and every corner of the home.

Double Courtyard Cube House 4

Double Courtyard Cube House 3

The glazed facade of the home leads directly out onto the rear courtyard and 65-foot-long swimming pool, the walls receding at both sides to completely open to the outdoors. This entire facade can be closed and covered for security and privacy.

Double Courtyard Cube House 5

Inside, the home is bright and open, with only a few spaces closed off to the rest of the interior. Various glazed doors and balconies overlook the grassy front courtyard, maintaining visual contact with greenery and the sky.