dornob 2010

Well, here we are. Less than one year after its first published post and Dornob has nearly 1,000 articles, which have been viewed over 5,000,000 total times by millions of global visitors just like you. So what does the new decade hold? Many more dynamic designs, insightful interviews and innovative ideas! Like the ghosts of Christmas who haunted Scrooge, here are three brief glimpses into the present, past and future of Dornob | New Design Ideas Daily.

dornob annual traffic

The Present: More people subscribe via RSS, follow on Twitter and become fans of the site on Facebook with each passing day, with tens of thousands already signed up. Each month, more than 350,000 readers view 1.5 million pages … and that number is growing (see above). Increasingly, new readers find the site through you and others who share articles in these and other ways. As always: thank you for all of your support – it makes this site worthwhile.

dornob design navigation

The Past: Feedback from people to new navigation features has been overwhelmingly positive. Many users find the main six sections (shown under the logo) helpful in browsing general areas of interest, then probe deeper through the 50+ sub-categories that show in the sidebar and fall under the main sections. The newest addition of monthly galleries provide an easy way to comb over existing material even more quickly, easily and visually – essential for folks who have only recently found their way here for the first time.

dornob design

The Future: It takes a lot of work just to keep things running apace, but be assured: the mind of a designer is never idle. Dornob will continue to evolve as new (site-side) technological possibilities emerge and as the nature of design itself continues to change. At its core, the site will continue to provide you with the most unusual, unique and creative designs and ideas out there – but in time will also grow increasingly interactive, faster and stronger with your help. And for true fans: be sure to check out Dornob’s sibling site Gajitz and our partner sites WebUrbanist & WebEcoist. Thanks for reading. -= Kurt